Life is Worth Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Santa Monica’s Phelps Agency to help them retain the Tahiti Tourisme account with 16 years tenure. Our challenge in 2010 the economy was so deep that attracting tourists to Tahiti was a challenge. Adding to that was the long flight time and financial commitment. Tahiti being Tahiti, I felt the opportunity existed to elevate Tahiti from just another Pacific destination into a bucket list trip of a lifetime. That idea revealed itself in the positioning statement that "Life is Worth Tahiti". Whether refueling tired bodies or satiating sensual desires, this experience is worth the expense of time and resources. The legend Howie Cowen, creative leader at the agency was pivotal in setting out the challenges and opportunities for our team and I was so proud of the integrated work that helped pay off the idea. The win over creative powerhouse Wong Doody, has allowed Phelps Group to celebrate 20 years with Tahiti Tourisme. Making the trip is still on my bucket list.