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WORLDPAY— Keeping up Appearances with User Experience


In 2017, Worldpay offered business clients a comprehensive suite of E-Commerce products and services globally, delivered through a single provider. In January of 2018 Vantiv purchased Worldpay for $10.3 billion dollars. Barely a year later, they were just purchased for the second time in a $34 billion dollar, record-breaking acquisition!


Dell Enterprise Global Customer Financial Portal

Dell Financial Services 

You're a top Dell Financial Services IT customer and you're managing tens of thousands of IT equipment leases.

Disney Reservation System and App

52 Million Annual Dreams & Wishes

Walt Disney

In 2011, I joined the Austin and San Francisco frog design teams on a dream consulting gig — to be one of several visual designers to merge Disney World's global Ride and Reservation Systems.


Discover Healthcare IT Ecosystem

DELL Computer Solutions

DELL needed a simple way to explain their complex Healthcare solutions. But how do you show such a breadth of solutions across Hospitals, Data Centers, Doctor Offices and Specialists? They hired my company, Patrick Nolan Creative to turnkey a solution.


Where's My Favor?


Coming Soon

Favor is the web and mobile application that connects products, drivers and the products they want. It's great when that process happens.

But I found out what happens when the drivers decide they don't want to complete the order they picked from the system—for whatever reason.


Exploring UX in the Cockpit

Pilots as Users

Coming Soon

After two Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft within five months experienced catastrophic failures, I listened as aviation professionals discussed the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) which anticipates stall conditions.

Normally, pilots and co-pilots announce control hand-offs verbally to insure that positive control is maintained. The Auto-Pilot system confirms and alerts Pilots but the...


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